Dear Visitor, is the fruit of the unity of a small group of friends. That of a team, that is determined to support Otto throughout his most difficult times as far as our resources allow us to.

Regarding to Otto’s situation our team had to identify several goals. We also have set up this website in primary to allow us reach them.

One of the most important of these goals is to provide Otto with the accurate care. So far, his mother has been carrying out all duties , for nearly two years, 24/ 7 her son’s daily, simple caregiving tasks as well as more specific ones weigh exclusively on her shoulders. Given that Otto’s health is deteriorating, it is vital we find a solution that makes it possible to somehow slower down this process and keep his condition steady. He needs a qualified helper that meets the specific requirements of his situation. If we can get this work out, we would take off a big portiosn of the overwhelming burden on Otto’s mother equally.

Otto has been to so many specialists, has done numerous tests, contacted countless doctors, initially was diagnosed with ALS but the nature of his real illness is still unidentified. One of our goals is to make it possible to his to undergo as many special tests as possible and receive adequate treatments based on their results.

Through this website we aim to inform Otto’s followers about news on his condition, events he takes part at and media appearances. Paralell to this site we launched Otto’s Facebook page as well, so that you can follow him closely on his journey.

If you feel like helping, in any way, have information you think might be useful for him or just want to share an idea or your opinion, do not hesitate to contact us by using the Donate menu! team

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